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I have been a test manager for a small IT company for a few years, with a team manual testers. I am also from a manual testing background. My company has just hired our first automation tester, however I need to be able to communicate with him about his work in order to effectively manage expectations for both him and the business.

Where do I begin with this? What can I learn to help him and myself?

Many thanks!

When  a client sends requirements, should a QA person be involved to validate them? If yes then what should be the process?

How should we compare test data management tools from different vendors used for generating and managing test data?

Example IBM Potim and Informatica or any other tools.  What factors should be considered to compare the tools and needs which will be best tools so far 

What tools do you use for UI testing, css testing and regression testing?

Please share your experience!

When i test the web based UI, what are the best techniques to be followed. For E.g,

1. Verify the cookies or session timeouts

2. Dynamic content

3. Localization

4. URL spoofing



I manage a rather large number of virtual machines as one of my roles as a testing manager.  There are a lot of testers that use these various machines for different configurations, automated test execution, etc.   I try to manage who's using what via spreadsheet but with a large number of people it's an imperfect process in need of some attention.   Is there any process or tool that others have found useful to perhaps create a checkout process for virtual machines and enforce it?



Want to know was does FUT testing consist of


I am a test automation specialist and test manager and I am seaching for ideas in which way I have to change my mindset, my knowledge and tool expierience when beeing part of a development team or company for developping digital services and products?


I'm using TW2835 in freescale i.mx6q board now, and i get a problem.

I wired TW2835 camera to the CSI0 interface of the i.MX 6Quad

After I ran the camera application,it displayed black screen and got some error like below:

In MVC:mxc_v4l_dqueue
ERROR: v4l2 capture: mxc_v4l_dqueue timeout enc_counter 0
The I2C communication is ok, and the registers value like below (i don't connect camera):

What do you guys think the specifc requirements for 'efficiency testing' would be. The same as those for load testing/response times?

i have one application to test. it has caling functionality. its impossible to test application in all avaliable android device. so give me way to teast it. i have also tried amazon cloud services. but it has limited devices.


As you know, nowadays there is a wide demand for android apps. This has increased the number of Android App Testing Services in recent years. As users demand for quality apps publishers have to depend on testing services. Testing companies use numerous frameworks to make your app user friendly. Can you suggest some top testing frameworks used by Android App Testing Services?


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