When Code Cries: Listening to Code

Cory Foy, Cory Foy, LLC

What is the best way to learn a new programming language or improve coding skills with the language you already use? Cory Foy has developed a new method for learning—and teaching—new programming languages and improving programmer expertise on their current languages. His approach focuses on preparing the learner to listen to what the code is saying and, thereby, changing how we approach the language. To learn a natural language, we would not start by studying prepositions, nouns, and verbs. Instead we would apply real-world scenarios: ‘How do I say, “Where's the kitchen” in German?’ In the same way, we need a directed approach to study and absorb code examples to gain insight into what the programming language wants our code to say. With Cory’s “listening” approaches, you’ll help your code to come alive by naturally resolving the forces that are present in the problems you are working to solve.


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