The Value of Defining "Done"

Eric Jimmink, Ordina

Many agile teams fail to meet customer expectations by releasing products before they are complete. Eric Jimmink coaches teams to treat the Definition of Done (DoD) as a learned and required practice. The DoD must reflect both the team's ambitions and the customer's demands for a ready-to-release product. Defining “Done” gives direction to the team, manages customer expectations, and secures the value that is promised to the business. Setting measurable quality standards helps emphasize what the business really needs in a production product rather than the low price for which it can be built. Eric has found that early test execution is paramount in achieving the quality goals set in the DoD. He shares his practical experiences in creating a meaningful DoD and breaks the "waterfallacy" of exploring after checking. Join Eric to find out how his company is turning repeatable, high-quality software product delivery into a competitive advantage.

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