Using Technical Debt to Predict Product Value

Emad Georgy, Experian

Overly complex code? Duplicate code? Inherent coupling? Been there, done that. Beyond these specific code issues, you may believe that something is inherently wrong with your project-increased pressure, decreased velocity, those broken functions that just never get fixed. Although there are no magic bullets to fix these problems, Emad Georgy shares how he has applied a novel, technical debt model as a predictor of overall product value. Emad has used this model at strategic and business levels to bring focus to the issue of technical debt and to obtain resources and prioritization to address debt. You also can use the technical debt model to identify anti-patterns-architecture, process, and project perspectives-in your organization. With real-world examples and experiences he's had using this predictor, Emad shares the impact he's had on business stakeholders and explores how technical debt plays a role in corporate contexts-from strategic planning to portfolio product management and even potential acquisition evaluations.

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