Using Failure modes to Power up Your Testing

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

When a tester uncovers a defect, it usually gets fixed. The tester validates the fix and may add the test to a regression test suite. Often, both the test and defect are then forgotten. Not so fast-defects hold clues about where other defects may be hiding and often can help the team learn to not make the same mistake again. Dawn Haynes explores methods you can use to generate new test ideas and improve software reliability at the same time. Learn to use powerful analysis tools, including FMEA-failure modes and effects analysis-and cause/effect graphing. Go further with these techniques by employing fault injections and forensically analyzing bugs that customers find. Discover ways to correct the cause of a problem rather than submitting a "single instance defect" that will result in a "single instance patch" that fixes one problem and does nothing to prevent new ones. Learn how to power up your testing to reveal defect patterns and root causes for recurring defects.

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