Using Crowd Testing for a Game Engine

Björgvin Reynisson, CCP Games

Testing a PC-based game poses interesting challenges. With different OS platforms and many different GPUs, the number of combinations to test grows quickly. The large number of hardware configurations used by the players of EVE Online makes it impossible to test them all. This can lead to the situation where reproducing defects in the test lab is not possible. Björgvin Reynisson shares how CCP Games got fed up with the situation and decided to make a crowd-testing app that tests the game’s graphics engine. He describes the app, the framework for deploying the app, and how they handled the test results coming in from testers. Björgvin shares how the app has become both a development tool and an automated testing tool. Discover how this approach has helped identify hard-to-catch bugs, and discover some of the challenges of crowd testing. See how this project took an unexpected turn and led the team to change how the game content is distributed.

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