Use Model-Based Testing to Navigate the Software Forest

Jon Fetrow

Even seemingly simple software systems can be a dense forest of intersecting logical pathways which may leave you wondering if your testing was robust enough. Traditional test cases are flawed since they only execute the pathways the tester considered at the time the test case was written, and they will execute the same way—every time and without variation. Jon Fetrow shows how, using model-based testing, you can create a map of your software forest and answer the question “Did you test enough?” Jon discusses the use of models to catch defects in the requirements and design phase by helping visualize requirements interactions, and how to use models to aid in test case development. He demonstrates how his team implemented an automation test framework based on models, integrated the model-based tests into their continuous integration test approach, and incorporated the models as part of the requirements trace matrix. Discover how a model-based test automation framework can address shortcomings of traditional test cases—both manual and automated.

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