Usability vs. Security: Find the Right Balance in Mobile Apps

Levent Gurses

Successful mobile apps have two key features: a great user experience and the ability to protect users’ data. Balancing user experience and security—a key aspect of product design and engineering—requires a multidisciplinary approach. According to Levent Gurses, a well-balanced app is designed through a series of informed decisions, meaningful compromises, and research that supports core user behaviors. Based on lessons learned from designing winning mobile apps and securing front- and back-end infrastructure, Levent shares his method for scientifically discovering the most critical aspects of an app and creating user-centric, secure mobile experiences. Join Levent for an interactive session on how to create both the best possible user experience and an app that keeps its users’ data safe and secure. He demonstrates core concepts by borrowing from proven UX design patterns and discovering what drives engagement and data protection. Levent uses the latest science in user behavioral research and cyber analytics to discover pragmatic ways to create engaging and secure mobile apps.

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