From Unclear and Unrealistic Requirements to Achievable User Stories

Jamie Lynn Cooke

"What do you want the system to do?" can be a loaded question for agile teams. Ideally, the product owner gives you a product backlog with fully groomed user stories prioritized by business value, ready for team discussion and estimation. Instead, you may have the “big picture” product owner who can describe high level requirements but struggles to provide clear direction on specific system behavior, or the “aspiring developer” product owner who is more than happy to give you exact system implementation in intricate technical detail. You may have the “kid in a candy shop” product owner who wants everything under the sun as the highest priority or the “see-saw” product owner who constantly changes the priority of the requirements. Join Jamie Lynn Cooke for interactive demonstrations of twelve proven techniques for working with all these product owner types to understand what is really driving their requirements, to move them toward business value-driven prioritization, and to turn their abstract, impractical, or technically-loaded requirements into relevant and realistic invest-compliant user stories.

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