Transformation from QA to Engineering: Testing in the Fast Lane

Jennifer Scandariato

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Are you being asked to shorten your testing timelines? Do you feel pressured to increase your test automation coverage but don’t have the time, staff, or budget? How do you as a leader upgrade your team’s skills and technical abilities and still meet your daily release deliverables—without bringing in external resources? Join Jennifer Scandariato as she shares her journey in transforming her company’s QA department into a test engineering center of excellence, where manual testers are now automation engineers who apply automation technologies to expedite and streamline the testing efforts. Their transformation impacted behavior, garnered respect, and increased team quality, while her test labs group—specializing in performance, security, accessibility, and localization efforts—stabilized deliveries. Jennifer shares step-by-step strategies and lessons learned about how she invested in her people by creating new job paths and introducing boot camps for training—all while advancing her department’s ability to accelerate application delivery. It’s time for everyone on your team to get into the testing fast lane.

About the Presenter

Jennifer Scandariato is the director of test engineering and leads the Women in Technology initiative at iCIMS, the leading provider of innovative software-as-a-service talent acquisition solutions. Jennifer has more than twenty-one years of experience developing technical solutions to drive growth and profitability while increasing customer satisfaction through high quality and overall engineering effectiveness. She is a frequent keynote speaker at schools, as well as women and leadership conferences in the New York metropolitan area.

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