Transform Your Team from QA to Test Engineering

Jennifer Scandariato

Are you being asked to shorten your testing timelines? Do you feel pressured to increase your test automation coverage but don’t have the time, staff, or budget? How do you as a leader upgrade your existing teams’ programming skills and technical abilities without bringing in external resources—and still meet your daily release deliverables? Join Jennifer Scandariato as she shares her journey in transforming the QA department at iCIMS into a Test Engineering Center of Excellence, where manual testers are now automation engineers who apply appropriate automation technologies to expedite and streamline the testing efforts. Learn how this transformation impacted behavior, garnered respect, and increased team quality, while her test labs group specializing in performance, security, accessibility, and localization efforts stabilized this transformation. Jennifer shares effective step-by-step strategies and lessons learned about creating new job paths and introducing boot camps for training, all while advancing her department’s ability to accelerate application delivery.

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