Toward an Exploratory Testing Culture

Robert Sabourin, Inc

Traditional testing teams often agonize over exploratory testing. How can they plan and design tests without detailed up-front documentation? Stubborn testers may want to quit because they are being asked to move out of their comfort zone. Can a team’s testing culture be changed? Rob Sabourin describes how several teams have undergone dramatic shifts to embrace exploratory testing. Learn how to blend cognitive thinking skills, subject matter expertise, and “hard earned” experience to help refocus your team and improve your outcomes. Learn to separate bureaucracy from thinking and paperwork from value. Explore motivations for change and resistance to it in different project contexts. Leverage Parkinson's Law-work expands to fill the time available-and Dijkstra-s Principle-testing can show the presence of bugs, but not their absence-to inspire and motivate you and your team to get comfortable in the world of exploratory testing.

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