Top Ten Tendencies That Trap Testers

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories

A trap is an unidentified problem that limits or obstructs us in some way. We don't intentionally fall into traps, but our behavioral tendencies aim us toward them. For example, have you ever found a great bug and celebrated only to have one of your fellow testers find a bigger bug just one more keystroke away? A tendency to celebrate too soon can make you nearsighted. Have you ever been confused about a behavior you saw during a test and shrugged it off? The tendency to dismiss your confusion as unimportant or irrelevant may make you farsighted-limiting your ability to see a bug right in front of you. Jon Bach demonstrates other limiting tendencies like Stakeholder Trust, Compartmental Thinking, Definition Faith, and more. Testers can't find every bug or run every possible test, but identifying these tendencies can help us avoid traps that might compromise our effectiveness and credibility.

  • How you might be susceptible to traps
  • Ways through (or around) the ten most common traps
  • Participate in exercises that test your situational awareness

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