Top Ten Non-Technical Skills of the Better Testing

Krishna Iyer, ZenTEST Labs

In the era of SOA and Web 2.0, as it becomes more and more difficult to accomplish comprehensive testing, Krishna Iyer and Mukesh Mulchandani describe ten non-technical skills that will make you a better tester. The first five are qualities we often look for in testers yet seldom practice scientifically and diligently--collaboration, creativity, experimentation, passion, and alertness. The second five are abilities that are seldom mentioned, yet equally important for testers--connect the dots, challenge the orthodox, picture and predict, prioritize, and leave work at work. Drawing from their experiences of building a testing team for their organization and consulting with global firms in building "testing capability," Krishna and Mukesh show how you and your test team can improve each of these ten non-technical skills. Practice these skills during the session and take back techniques you can use to hone your skills at work.

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