Testing in the Wild: Practices for Testing Beyond the Lab

Matt Johnston, Applause

The stakes in the mobile app marketplace are very high, with thousands of apps vying for the limited space on users’ mobile devices. Organizations must ensure that their apps work as intended from day one and to do that must implement a successful mobile testing strategy leveraging in-the-wild testing. Matt Johnston describes how to create and implement a tailored in-the-wild testing strategy to boost app success and improve user experience. Matt provides strategies, tips, and real-world examples and advice on topics ranging from fragmentation issues, to the different problems inherent in web and mobile apps, to deciding what devices you must test vs. those you should test. After hearing real-world examples of how testing in the wild affects app quality, leave with an understanding of and actionable information about how to launch apps that perform as intended in the hands of end-users—from day one.

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