Testing with a Rooted Mobile Device

Max Saperstone, Coveros

Traditional applications are tested through the GUI and through all exposed APIs. However, typical mobile app testing is only done through the front-end GUI. In addition, performance and security details are not readily available from the mobile device. Max Saperstone demonstrates some benefits of testing a native mobile application on a rooted device—one with privileged access control. Although Max does not describe how to root a device, he shares how to access back-end processes and test at this detailed level. He discusses the technical controls made available through a rooted device—together with its auditing, logging, and monitoring—and describes the gathering of additional metrics. Max demonstrates tools for penetration testing, sniffing, and network hacking; shares how to access application data directly; and shows how data security is implemented for the application. Learn how to use the admin rights associated with a rooted device to examine device performance and to simulate interrupts and system faults.

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