Testing the Nth Release

Susan McVey, IBM Rational Software

Congratulations! Your team is entrusted with testing the next release of an excellent product, one your customers have depended on for years. How do you make sure the fifth, tenth, or even the fiftieth update release is as good or better than the first version? Mature products have their own testing issues, different from those faced with new products. Susan McVey discusses the issues many testers face with legacy systems: what to test and what to trust, dwindling resources, handling known problems, aging test cases, inadequate time to maintain infrastructure, and more. Susan shares the promises and the traps of automated regression testing suites and discusses ways to keep your tests and testware up-to-date and clean. Learn to iterate toward higher quality and keep up the enthusiasm of your team-even when they're testing the Nth release.

  • The technical debt that builds up in mature systems
  • How to automate and optimize tests over time
  • What to do when resources shrink but the workload doesn't

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