Testing in the Cloud: Is it Right For You?

Andrew Pollner, ALP International Corp

Finally, software testing in the cloud is not just for dreamers anymore! Join Andrew Pollner to explore why and how cloud-based testing is emerging as a viable alternative to replace or complement traditional testing platforms. Implemented properly, cloud testing offers many advantages: shifts the burden of installing, configuring, maintaining, and updating testing tools to a vendor; reduces or eliminates the need to build and maintain servers to support testing functions; expands the reach of testing across geographical locations; offers potentially limitless capacity; and more. However, with all these benefits come new challenges: determining the appropriate cloud test environment, test data security, connectivity to the environment, and others. Andrew provides insights on when cloud testing makes sense, how to best manage this new environment, ways to adapt your testing practices for the cloud, how cloud testing affects your testing ROI, and where a hybrid solution can benefit you.

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