Test Metrics in Agile: A Powerful Tool to Demonstrate Value

Iuliia Zavertailo

Most understand that an agile development and testing approach improves quality and reduces risks in our projects. In some companies and culture however, there are skeptics. Is the move to agile—and therefore agile testing—really beneficial? Join Iuliia Zavertailo for a closer look at a Scandinavian insurance company that started with one manual tester and within three years moved toward opening a large test center in the Baltic. Behind this story were many small steps of demonstrating testing's value to the client through a well-defined set of agile metrics which quantitatively supported the importance and value of testing. Iullia gives examples of key performance indicators—test coverage, defect open and close rates, issues reported by customers, and regression test suite duration—and provides a roadmap for building a test metrics framework. She then discusses tools that support the agile test framework, provides guidance on how to analyze test statistics, and offers ways to present the facts that interest clients most.

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