Test Estimation: A Pain or ... Painless?

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

Agile methodologies may be coming soon to a project near you. Agile software development holds the promise of faster development, less cost, fewer defects, and increased customer value, all while maintaining a sustainable work pace in a high morale environment. As a tester, you may be wondering, "How will agile affect me?" We've all heard stories that agile methodologies have no place for testers. In this presentation, Jean Tabaka changes that perspective. She will highlight the fundamental tenets of agile software development, the project management frameworks that support these tenets, and the engineering disciplines that naturally fit in these frameworks. For some testers, the agile approach can be a jolt to their long-held beliefs of how testing should be done. Jean will help you adapt to this new world by explaining how to make tests talk, using testing as a communications mechanism, eliminating defect logs, and identifying what you will not commit to do. In addition, she will provide guidance on avoiding common traps that newly commissioned agile testers encounter.

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