Test-Driven Analysis: Focus on the User, Not the Code

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives

Test-driven analysis (TDA) focuses on the system at the user interface level. By concentrating on scenarios from the users' point of view, TDA examines the inputs and outputs of a system and how the state of that system changes as a result of actions performed on the system. Further, TDA concentrates on creating tests that help developers and business analysts understand the problem domain and the system requirements. Ken Pugh explores how tests created during TDA efforts relate to user acceptance tests and how the TDA tests can propagate to those created in a test-driven development framework. Together with Ken, you’ll create analysis tests for a sample system and differentiate between various types of tests-acceptance, analysis, and design. This class is about the process of inquiry we need during analysis to answer the question "I know you're ready for testing, but what are you testing for?"

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