Test Data Management and Its Role in DevOps

Sunil Sehgal

Do you often have to wait for the availability of the right test data to complete your testing? Now imagine you are using continuous integration and continuous delivery with agile and DevOps, and your test data is not available when you need it. This is a challenge and a bottleneck for the rollout of true DevOps. The key to efficient test data management (TDM) is to streamline and automate the test data management process to deliver the test data in minutes, use correct datasets for test improvement and coverage, and secure the test data automatically, enabling shorter test cycles. Join Sunil Sehgal as he shares how to automate test data creation by retrieving and storing data with a game-changing data model—The Logical Unit. Sunil shows how to look at data a different way—storing and retrieving it based on business logic, thus the name Logical Unit. Join Sunil as he explains how this allows the business to easily design TDM’s base schema according to their needs, rather than trying to fit them into a pre-defined structure.

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