Ten Principles of an Agile Tester

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.

Everyone on an agile team does testing. If that's true, what's so special about an agile tester? If I define myself as a tester on an agile team, what does that really mean? Do agile testers need skill sets different from testers on traditional teams? What guides agile testers in their daily activities? Lisa Crispin believes that when it comes to agile testers, skills are important-but attitude is everything. The best agile testers have a results-oriented, customer-focused, collaborative, and creative mindset that makes them successful in an agile development environment. Lisa explains how you can apply ten agile principles to add value on agile teams, or on any software development team for that matter. The ten principles of an agile tester include areas such as feedback, communication, simplicity, continuous improvement, and responding to change. At the end of this session, you'll have gained some practical advice for your own self-improvement process.

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