Take a Chance-Testing Lessons Learned from the Game of MONOPOLY®

Rob Sabourin, AmiBug.com

For years, MONOPOLY® has entertained countless people with the fictional thrill of what it might be like to make a killing in real estate-or to lose your shirt. As Rob Sabourin explains, the board game is similar to the real-world experience of running a software test project. Rob guides you through some of MONOPOLY's powerful lessons and strategies relating to test planning, risk management, technical debt, context-driven test strategies, contingencies, and decision making. In MONOPOLY, winning players consistently select, adapt, and apply strategies. Skilled testers adapt on the fly to their discoveries, applying heuristics and risk models to consistently deliver value. Winning at MONOPOLY, just like successful testing, is all about people: relationships, negotiation, and communication. To succeed in testing or MONOPOLY, you've got to be ready for whatever drawbacks or opportunities Chance happens to throw your way. Before you roll those real-world dice on your next testing effort, let Rob teach you the strategies for winning-with wit, wisdom, and entertainment drawn from that wonderful childhood game! [Since 1972, Rob has collected more than one-hundred different sets including more international versions of Monopoly than either Hasbro (USA) or Waddington (UK) acknowledges exist.

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