Successful Teams are TDD Teams

Rob Myers, Agile Institute

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is the practice of writing a test before writing code that implements the tested behavior, thus finding defects earlier. Rob Myers explains the two basic types of TDD: the original unit-level approach used mostly by developers, and the agile-inspired Acceptance-Test Driven Development (ATDD) which involves the entire team. Rob has experienced various difficulties in adopting TDD: developers who don't spend a few extra moments to look for and clean up a new bit of code duplication; inexperienced coaches who confuse the developer-style TDD with the team ATDD; and waffling over the use of TDD, which limits its effectiveness. The resistance (overt or subtle) to these practices that can help developers' succeed is deeply rooted in our brains and our cultures. Rob gives practical advice on overcoming that resistance and developing an "enjoyable development discipline" for a sustainable and practical TDD practice. With Rob's practical advice, you may also discover how to lose weight and pay off your debts (seriously!). The success factors are identical.

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