Structured Testing within the Rational Unified Process

Tim Koomen, Sogeti - Netherlands

Many organizations have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, the Unified Process (UP) and, in particular, the Rational Unified Process (RUP). The test process defined within UP/RUP differs from more traditional, structured testing processes such as TMap (Test Management Approach) in Europe and STEP™ (Systematic Test and Evaluation Process) in the US. Tim Koomen, who has operated within these and other development lifecycle and test processes,
describes testing as defined in UP/RUP, maps the processes to those in TMap, and combines them into a "best of both worlds" approach. Learn about the UP/RUP defined practices such as the risk based test strategy, testability, test design, the role of the tester, independent testing,
regression testing, test automation, and the different test levels (build test, integration test, system test, and acceptance test). Find out about the effects on testing priorities of the "time box" development and other processes that are commonly practiced in UP/RUP. See if the
UP/RUP testing approach will work for your organization.

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