Stay Ahead of the Mobile and Web Testing Maturity Curve

Danny McKeown

Join Danny McKeown, Paychex’s lead test enterprise automation architect, to learn how to climb the testing maturity curve and increase predictability and reuse, all while accelerating repeatable and reliable testing. Learn how Paychex iteratively built a well-defined web and mobile app test automation architecture. By evolving the areas of strategy, environment pre-conditions, continuous integration, and understanding their IT users, Paychex executes a mature program automating test readiness, scheduling, execution, and report distribution. Hear their lessons about strategy, and how the Test Automation Pyramid helps structure their automation architecture. Discover their environment pre-conditions, and how they are able to minimize false negative results (derailment factors) due to non-automation issues. See how Paychex uses continuous integration to bring it all together in an integrated, scalable, and parallel execution. Danny discusses lessons learned about their IT Users and how defining user test automation abilities enables better expectations for the user and project team.

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