STARWEST 2012 Keynote: Tapping into Testing Mobile Applications

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.

Look around you at all those people gazing into smart phones and tablets, tapping away, seemingly oblivious to what’s going on around them. Like it or not, mobile devices and the applications they host are now enmeshed in our everyday lives. And these mobile devices present testers with unique challenges—rapidly changing technologies, multi-platform support, new human factor UI challenges, and how to best employ these devices for testing. Join Jonathan Kohl, who works in the nuts and bolts of mobile testing, to explore testing opportunities in this growing market. Learn about the new landscape of testing in areas of mobility (we need to move around when we test), social interactions (how social media can enhance or distract from our testing), and entertainment (how casual use is affecting commercial software). Finally, and most importantly, discover how testing on mobile devices can be really fun and enjoyable. Yes, testers, you do get to have fun at work! 


About the Presenter

Jonathan Kohl is an internationally recognized consultant and technical leader. A popular author and speaker based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jonathan is the founder and principal consultant of Kohl Concepts, Inc. He assists teams with testing, helps companies define and implement their ideas in products, coaches practitioners as they develop software on teams, and works with leaders to help them define and implement their strategic visions. As a thought leader in mobile application testing, exploratory testing, developing policy and strategy, and helping teams adjust to methodology changes, Jonathan doesn't just write and talk about developing software. He actively works with teams to deliver the best possible products.

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