STARWEST 2012 Keynote: State-of-the-Art Cloud Testing: Experiences with Bing Search

Ken Johnston, Microsoft

The cloud is penetrating every technology organization and almost every software product or service. The cloud affects everything inside development, bringing profound changes to how engineers build, test, release, and maintain software and systems. Sharing his experiences at Microsoft working on the Bing search engine, Ken Johnston reveals how they devised and implemented a test-oriented architecture (TOA) at every layer within their product solution. He explores what stayed the same and what changed when their test organization moved to state-of-the-art cloud testing. Learn how the cloud is driving broader adoption of agile development and driving organizations toward accelerated release rates. Find out how the Bing team shifted to a “continuous testing in production” model for testing web services and eliminated the surprises that came from the old approach of big-at-the-end testing. Because the cloud is a platform for both building systems and for execution, you need to develop and implement your own TOA to fully leverage the power of the cloud. 


About the Presenter

Ken Johnston is the group manager for the Microsoft Office Internet Platform & Operations team, which develops manageability features for server products and services, and provides live site operations support for Office Online, Office Live, CRM Online, and several other services. Since joining Microsoft in 1998, Ken has filled many other roles, including test lead on Site Server and MCIS, and test manager on Hosted Exchange, Knowledge Worker Services, Net Docs, and the Microsoft Billing and Subscription Platform service. He previously served as the Microsoft Director of Test Excellence.

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