STARWEST 2011: Quantifying the Value of Static Analysis

William Oliver, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

During the past ten years, static analysis tools have become a vital part of software development for many organizations. However, the question arises, "Can we quantify the benefits of static analysis?" William Oliver presents the results of a study performed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to do just that. They measured the cost of finding software defects using formal testing on a system without static analysis; then, they integrated a static analysis tool into the process and, over a period of time, recalculated the cost of finding software defects. Join William as he reveals the results of their study, and discusses the value and benefits of static testing with tools. Learn how commercial and open source analysis tools can perform sophisticated, interprocedural source code analysis over large code bases. Take back the proof to your organization that employing static analysis can reduce the time and cost of finding defects and subsequent debugging and, ultimately, reduce the number of defects making their way into your releases.

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