STARWEST 2008: Branch Out Using Classification Trees

Julie Gardiner, Grove Consultants

Classification trees are a structured, visual approach to identify and categorize equivalence class partitions for test objects. They enable testers to create better test cases faster. Classification trees visually document test requirements to make them easy to create and comprehend. Julie Gardiner explains this powerful technique and how it helps all stakeholders understand exactly what is involved in testing and offers an easier way to validate test designs. Using examples, Julie shows you how to create classification trees, how to construct test cases from them, and how they complement other testing techniques in every stage of testing. Julie demonstrates a free classification tree editing tool that helps you build, maintain, display, and use classification trees. Using the classification tree technique and tool, you keep test documentation to a minimum, more easily create and maintain regression tests, and drastically reduce test case bloat to make your test suites more usable.

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