STAREAST 2000: Testing and Test Automation: Establishing Effective Architectures

Edward Kit, Software Development Technologies and Hans Buwalda, CMG TestFrame Research Center

Fast development cycles, distributed architectures, code reuse, and developer productivity suites make it imperative that we improve our software test methods and efficiency. What process assessments are available? How do you conduct an assessment? How do you guard against incorrect information? How do you know what to improve first? And how can you make successful improvements without negatively impacting your current work? Learn the answer to these questions and more from Intel’s experiences using the Test Process Improvement (TPI) model as a basis for two assessments with resulting scores, improvement suggestions, and adopted actions. You will hear about the high points and low points of using this process and see a comparison of the TPI model with the CMMI® Level 3 key process area.

  • The TPI and other models for test process assessments
  • A first-hand account of two test process assessment experiences at Intel
  • Assessing the assessment process-high and low points

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