Social Skills: The Softer Side of Software Testing

Marcia Buzzella

Communication breakdowns are a primary cause of IT project failure. Marcia Buzzella believes increasing the success rate of IT projects across waterfall, Agile, and DevOps methods requires a balance of social (soft) and technical (hard) capabilities to improve team performance. Social interactions among team members facilitate knowledge sharing, build relationships, promote trust, and—perhaps most importantly—align expectations. Unfortunately, the fast pace of technological change prompts many software test professionals to prioritize the improvement of technical capabilities over sharpening soft skills. By strengthening individual social capabilities, testers can transform how testing activities are perceived and help stakeholders understand how testing objectives support overall project goals. Join Marcia to explore how communication, adaptability, and problem-solving capabilities help software test professionals overcome the challenges of aggressive timelines and shifting requirements. Learn how including soft skill objectives in your personal development goals, talent acquisition plans, and feedback processes promotes IT project success. Come discover the softer side of software testing.

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