SOA Governance: The Process Change Required for Succcess

David Butler, Hewlett-Packard

The SOA revolution is already underway in many IT organizations. SOA creates new cultural, organizational, and technological challenges that must be met to ensure success. Merely implementing web services and enterprise service buses will not address the key issues in building organizational support and standardized adoption throughout the organization. Without the proper organizational process infrastructure, you will be left with SOA program chaos and SOA infrastructure shelf ware. David Butler asks, "Do your SOA initiatives have processes and policies in place to enable visibility, trust, and control and most importantly, to ensure your desired business outcomes with SOA?" David will describe how to enable collaboration across the organization while reducing duplication of effort, how to create corporate standards for interoperability, architecture, and lifecycles, and the importance of creating and then meeting SOA service level standards.

  • What must be governed in SOA
  • Critical governance issues that must be solved
  • What processes must change

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