Service-Oriented Architecture - Exposed

Sharon Fay, Flashline, Inc.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), incorporating methods for Web services to communicate dynamically, promises to significantly improve organizational operating efficiency, change the way companies conduct business, and even alter the competitive landscape. However, Service-Oriented Architecture is a strategy rather than an objective, and, like any strategy, it is of no value unless it is implemented. With illustrations from companies who today are using SOA to transform their organizations, Sharon Fay shares current practices for exposing Web services and XML to internal development teams, outsourced development, external trading partners, and customers. Learn why reuse is a key method for supporting integration of SOA implementations and how it is being accomplished. Take away a set of metrics that you can use to measure the level of SOA adoption, development productivity gains, and organizational agility.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy overview
  • Current practices for exposing Web services and XML internally and externally
  • Case studies highlighting Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations

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