Selenium Hacks: Improving Your Skills

Andrew Krug

Although Selenium has become the open source standard for simulating user interactions with the browser, Andrew Krug likes to think of it as more than one tool in your toolbelt. Andrew says Selenium is like the Craftsman Bolt-On tool—with one battery and one grip, it can become a circular saw, drill, jig saw, or even a tire inflator. He’ll cover thirty or more Selenium hacks in this fast-paced session. Find out how you can employ Selenium for security testing, visual testing, email testing, easy content testing, performance testing, load testing … you get the drift. Briefly touching on each Selenium hack, Andrew has one goal for this session: for all participants to learn one thing that they can use immediately upon return to their workplace. As a bonus, all code covered in this presentation will be put up on GitHub.

About the Presenter

Early on in his career Andrew Krug found his calling—test automation. He got his start at Ceridian HCM where he was a quality test engineer, working on a variety of projects from large scale intranet upgrades to new feature development for business intelligence and health care initiatives. Since then Andrew has held more positions in test automation. During his journey he has built test automation infrastructures at scale for both desktop browsers and mobile devices. Andrew is now currently consulting about automation, software development practices, and utilizing the cloud to improve businesses. Visit Lazy Coder for more information.

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