Selecting Mobile Application Automation Tools

Pradeepkumar Govindasamy, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Today’s mobile application market holds massive promise for devices and applications that exceed user expectations. Despite the hurry-to-market pressures of mobile development, proper testing is vital to differentiating an application in a highly competitive market. Pradeep Govindasamy describes three areas to consider in choosing test automation tools: browser/platform, screen resolution/input mechanism, and external system interface. The first involves selecting different browser and platform combinations-iPhone IOS, Android SDK, etc.-and evaluating GUI Mapping, recording of objects, and reusability. The second area defines the types of interfaces needed for classes, modules, or libraries to ensure that the automation tools provide support. The third area focuses on a testing framework that includes a class for user interface events-such as keystrokes and mouse clicks-and exploring how the form factor of each device influences tool selection. If you are challenged to test mobile applications and are looking for automation support, this session is for you.

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