Scaling Quality through Community Leadership

Philip Daye

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Modern software development organizations often build teams around features. Unfortunately, these teams tend to become siloed, building tools and processes without being aware of how other teams have solved the same problems. As quality and test engineers are federated out to these feature teams, quality itself becomes decentralized. And as an organization scales, this fragmentation can put product health at risk. How does an organization provide guidance and standards to decentralized teams? How can information, tools, and resources be shared among quality engineers? Can we bring these engineers together to work on the same problems and toward common goals? Philip Daye will take you through his organization's journey of bringing individuals together to build a quality guild that provides community leadership. Learn the obstacles they faced in creating such a guild, what didn't quite work, and what worked really well. Much like software testing, building a community involves developing a hypothesis, testing it, and using the results to drive continual improvement. The payoff is a quality experience for quality-focused people.

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