The Savvy Web Tester's Tool Kit

Erik Petersen, Emprove

Did you know that you can get many free-or nearly free-tools to supercharge your Web testing efforts? Amazingly, at the click of a button, you can download some very advanced capabilities to make you seem like a testing genius. With a focus on Web application tools, Erik Petersen looks at tools that can help all testers. Erik examines mind mapping and how you can use mind maps for schedules, strategies, even tests themselves. He demonstrates several tools for managing tests and others to help you look "under the hood" and manipulate Web applications. Join Erik to learn some innovative ways to test your Web applications; build test data to include dummy people with realistic addresses; capture what you've done; and view, tweak, and break the software. You'll also see "portable applications", versions of tools that run off a memory stick on any PC without being installed.

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