"Risk" Is a Tester's Favorite Four-Letter Word

Julie Gardiner, QST Consultants Ltd.

Good project managers speak the language of risk. Their understanding of risk guides important decisions. Testers can contribute to an organization’s decision-making ability by speaking that same language. During this session you will learn how to evaluate risk in both quantitative and qualitative ways. Identifying risk is important but managing risk is vital. Julie will discuss how to deal with the misunderstandings some managers have about risk-based testing including testing is always "risk-based," risk-based testing is nothing more than prioritizing tests, risk-based testing is a one-time-only activity, risk-based testing is a waste of time, and risk-based testing will delay the project.

  • Five different but complementary approaches to risk evaluation
  • Vital areas to consider when choosing your risk-based approach
  • Misconceptions of management regarding risk-based testing

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