Release Automation: Yes, Testers Should Care

Tracy Ragan

Agile DevOps focuses on moving changes through the pipeline as quickly as possible, which means that more operational tasks—like software deployment—will occur earlier. As a result, testing teams will begin assuming more responsibility in managing those deployments in order to perfect reputability. Tracy Ragan provides an overview of release automation as it relates to testing and explains how automation is key to achieving faster and leaner testing cycles. She discusses why deploying new code across diverse environments can be really tricky and slow, and how properly implemented release automation will streamline code deployments across the lifecycle. Release automation may sound like a topic important to production control teams, but as processes are shifted left, testing teams will take on more responsibility in continuous deployment and associated infrastructure components. Tracy says it is critical for you to understand how release automation fits into the continuous delivery pipeline and how to automatically deploy software across all pipeline states.

About the Presenter

Tracy Ragan has extensive experience in Agile DevOps implementations for large organizations. She has devoted her career to helping organizations define a lifecycle process that is not only lean but also repeatable—from automated builds through continuous deployment. For the past twenty years Tracy has worked with Fortune 1000 organizations to improve the delivery of software updates through testing and production. An author and frequent speaker at industry conferences, Tracy has served on the board of the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community of tools and projects. She is currently CEO of OpenMake Software and on the board of DeployHub, an open source continuous deployment community.

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