Put Agile to the Test: A Case Study for Test Agility on a Large IT Project

Todd Jones

Agile practices, although applicable to a variety of situations, are most commonly applied to IT projects, generally for software development. Can you apply agile methods to just part of a software implementation project? Todd Jones presents this case study where agile techniques were applied to the testing phase of a multiyear, multimillion-dollar IT program that included replacing a legacy system, new software development, creation of a new enterprise data model and document management solution, and complex financial balancing. After briefly describing the challenges faced by the organization, Todd covers each guiding principle from the Agile Manifesto, describes the practical approach he used to implement agile techniques, and shows information radiators that were used to track velocity and demonstrate progress to program stakeholders. Todd outlines the key benefits this brought to the business as well as lessons the team learned along the way. Leave with a greater appreciation for the testing complexity of a large-scale software implementation, a better understanding of agile practices and lessons learned, and practical techniques and tracking tools you can apply to your current project.

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