Planning, Architecting, Implementing, and Measuring Automation

Mike Sowers, Software Quality Engineering

In automation, we often use several different tools that are not well integrated. These tools have been developed or acquired over time with little consideration of an overall plan or architecture, and without considering the need for integration. As a result, both efficiency and effectiveness suffer, and additional time and money are spent. Ensuring that tools we currently have, or the tools we develop or acquire in the future, work well with other application lifecycle tools is critical to our testing team’s success. We must drive the adoption of automation across multiple project teams and departments and communicate the benefits to our stakeholders. Join Mike Sowers as he shares his experiences in creating an automation plan, developing an automation architecture, and establishing tool metrics in multiple organizations. Mike will discuss both the good (engaging the technical architecture team) and bad (too much isolation between test automators and test designers) on his automation journey in a large enterprise.

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