Performance Testing in the Agile World

Sai Subramanian, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Like agile development, performance testing is an iterative process in which new problems and risks are identified, and appropriate steps are taken to fix issues or mitigate risks. Experience tells us that in an agile environment, performance testing must be built into the development process, owned by the entire team, and coordinated by the performance analyst. Agile programs spanning multiple scrums running in parallel and sharing a common infrastructure present a unique set of problems that can challenge any performance analyst. Sai Subramanian shares his experience in the evolution of performance testing within agile teams. Sai discusses the strengths and challenges posed by the different levels of collaboration between the performance analysts and other project stakeholders. Join Sai to learn about the Scrum of Scrums approach for coordinating performance testing, the path that led to the adoption of this approach, and the benefits and the lessons learned from alternative approaches.

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