Open Source Test Automation: Riding the Second Wave

David Dang

After the first wave of open source test automation tools like Fitnesse and Watir, we are now in a stronger, second wave led by Selenium-based frameworks. This powerful swell, fueled by a major shift toward web-based applications on desktops and mobile devices, is changing how corporations tackle software test automation. Add in a desire to replace old-guard, commercial tools in favor of newer technology with lower costs, we may have a perfect storm. However, with different technologies come new challenges. Adopters of Selenium and other open source software are discovering implementations that open source can be tricky and demand attention in areas normally managed by the commercial tools and vendors. To help you better ride this open source wave, David Dang shares his experiences in understanding and developing the necessary open source mind-set, retooling testers’ skill sets, working more closely with developers to minimize test automation hurdles, and navigating common pitfalls. Join David to learn how to avoid an open source test automation wipe out and reach the shore like a champion.

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