The Next Big Thing: Testing AI and Machine Learning Applications

Angie Jones

Our world is changing. Artificial intelligence is being employed in many walks of life—from virtual assistants and robots to self-driving cars. How does this new way of life impact software testing? What is our role … and will we have one in the future? Of course! And it’s a very exciting time to be in testing because there’s not enough known about how to systematically test these AI- and ML-driven applications. Angie Jones gives an overview of why it’s extremely important that we comprehensively test these applications and how today’s tester can prepare and build the skillset for this new realm of software. While the future of artificial intelligence is mostly a mystery, one of testers’ strongest and most valuable assets is the ability to discover and report the unknown. Take a fascinating journey into the very near future to explore innovative applications that use artificial intelligence and learn the key areas where testers will contribute, the skills you need to test such applications, and the impact that a tester can make on this next big thing.

About the Presenter

A senior automation engineer at Twitter, Angie Jones has developed automation strategies and frameworks for countless software products. As a master inventor, she is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than twenty patented inventions in the United States and China. A strong advocate for diversity in technology, Angie shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences worldwide and leading tech workshops for young girls through Black Girls Code. Angie blogs about automation techniques and can be found on Twitter.

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