The New IEEE 829 Testing Standard: What You Need to Know

Claire Lohr, Lohr Systems

You know about it. You've used it. Maybe you've even loved it. But now, after all these years, the IEEE 829 standard, the only international standard for test documentation, has been radically revised. As a leader on the IEEE committee responsible for this update, Claire Lohr has detailed insight into what the changes mean to you. You'll discover that all of the old documents, with one exception, are still included. But now, the 829 standard describes documentation for each level of testing, adds a three-step process for choosing test documents and their contents, adds additional documents, and follows the ISO 12207 life-cycle standard as its basis. In addition, the new standard can be tailored for agile methods if the stakeholders agree on the modifications.

  • The one-size-fits-all IEEE 829 standard of the past is gone
  • How to tailor the new documents to match your needs
  • Consider whether your organization should adopt the revised standard

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