My Dad Won’t Buy Me a DevOps

T.j. Randall

Many IT managers find themselves banging their heads against a wall trying to get upper management to invest in DevOps. Managers see clear opportunities to implement it into their organizations but get a No from senior executives. Many managers are frustrated that, despite all the blustering in their companies about corporate initiatives for transformation, any attempt to implement improvements peters out quickly. T.j. Randall discusses the various stages of the software release pipeline. He offers a detailed demonstration of how to calculate the cost of each stage and suggests financial language IT managers can use to convey these costs to upper management and win support. He uses examples of large enterprise organizations to show the ROI of a DevOps implementation. Learn about real-world skills for getting buy-in from management and financial teams, tools for calculating the cost of delivering applications in their environment, and developing a working model that helps make a case for investing in DevOps.

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