Move Your Selenium Testing to the Cloud

Anshul Sharma

What is the most challenging aspect of running automation tests? Anshul Sharma believes it is covering multiple browsers and cross-device testing combined with faster execution of tests. One way to do this is parallel execution of tests concurrently over a Selenium Grid, but that comes with a substantial burden of managing and maintaining the platforms and browsers. Now that cloud-computing resources are available and affordable, an alternative is leveraging the cloud. Moving to the cloud makes tests easier and faster to run for several reasons. First, no installing/upgrading the browser versions, Selenium version, or antivirus on the servers. Second, the low cost of adding more servers to provide test support as new products are launched into the market. Third, easier debugging, including identifying the tests that failed due to actual faults or to a browser problem. Learn how to set up and run the automated test on multiple browsers and platform using Java, Selenium with Sauce Labs, and how to run the application behind a firewall.

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