Modular Test Case Design:The Building Blocks of Reusable Tests

Shaun Bradshaw, Questcon Technologies, A Division of Howard Systems Intl.

The use of modular design in programming has been a common technique in software development for years. However, the same principles that make modular designs useful for programming-increased reusability and reduced maintenance time-are equally applicable to test case development. Shaun Bradshaw describes the key differences between procedural and modular test case development and explains the benefits of the modular approach. He demonstrates how to analyze requirements, designs, and the application under test to generate modular and reusable test cases. Join Shaun as he constructs and executes test scenarios using skeleton scripts that invoke the modular tests. Learn how you can design and create a few self-contained scripts (building blocks) that then can be assembled to create many different test scenarios. Ensure adequate coverage of an application's functionality without having to write the same test scenarios over and over.

  • Differences between procedural and modular test cases
  • Develop modular test cases and construct test scenarios
  • Design and create reusable automated tests

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